What’s The Big Idea?

I’m The Dude, Man. El Duderino, if you’re not into the brevity thing.





My Dad was a Creative Director all his life. I spent my youth working in the agency, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. All those experiences made me into a thinker, dreamer and doer that specializes in integrated branding, marketing, digital and public relations services. I feel my key value to clients is the ability to turn creative concepts into analytically driven marketing plans and tools with greater stopping power & relevance, leading to greater results.


For me, the creative process starts with the genetic structure of the concept-called the “InteloGenesis,” or beginning of the big idea.
A logical and thoroughly thought-out structure then intuitively flows into successful visual design that delivers results.


I believe that “If you could do it yourself, you wouldn’t need me.” So I take my experience, ambition and intellect and weaponize it against your competitors.

Over the last decade, I’ve been recognized across the industry as the “go-to-guy” when it comes to driving leads and sales for Government, Education, Municipalities and the Fortune 1000.

I’ve created and delivered multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world, while winning awards, having massive stress levels and the corresponding joy of victory.


I promise to focus on building end-to-end systems centered around technology and consumer engagement. Turning concepts into cash registers, impressions into engagement and campaigns into concrete results. I’ll use my own technology to your advantage, and build intelligent brand experiences for my clients that deliver on promises and on budget.

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Lynette And Daniel Elliott

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Assembling a team of professionals sometimes takes more time to find the right fit than it takes to actually do the work. That’s why over the past 30 years of teamwork between myself and clients, I’ve been the Creative Center of teams that have produced over 744 websites, almost 200 mobile apps, thousands of pages of print design while managing to increase sales for clients to the tune of nearly $1,000,000,000 (you read it right, a billion).


Daniel Elliott is a serial entrepreneur with a multi-decade background crossing multiple disciplines in branding, design, marketing communications, telephony and software development.

In the early 1980’s Dan was hired by the J.M. Smucker Company as a product manager for their Natural Foods segment. That success (a 941% increase in sales) prompted Elliott to launch his own food brokerage in 1986, also in the Natural Foods Industry becoming a multi-million dollar sales company in less than 3 years.

A techno-geek to the core drove him to telephony and healthcare informatics, finding a hole in the marketplace for a cross-discipline developer and marketing guru.

His skill in business development was an ideal hand in glove match with technology companies in HealthCare. Executone Information Systems, GS Edwards Signalling, Dukane Communications and Honeywell all hired Elliott to manage products and campaigns.

In 1998, Elliott launched InteloQuence in Chicago, as an integrated business to business marketing and software development agency. The agency was recognized by HOW magazine, the AIGA, Ernst & Young, Packaging Digest and Robinson and McGladrey for a myriad of accomplishments.

During those years, he lead a team to develop, CRM solutions for clients, a fully functioning website CMS with Enterprise integrated ecommerce and his first foray into Law Enforcement, a web portal called Crime Reports Live for the Dallas Police Department.

Crime and crime reporting sparked the next invention, a mobile app called iWatch that Elliott brought to market in 2009. The power of innovation was recognized across the country with Elliott and the iWatch Application Platform being featured in National media almost on a weekly basis. Press coverage in CNN, Wired, Forbes, CBS, NBC, FOX drove sales and adoption at a dizzying pace.

The company grew from startup to maturity, with customers in the DHS, the DOD, K-12 programs for the State of North Carolina, and almost 69 police and sheriff’s departments across the US. Read Press Coverage

Elliott sold his shares in that company to pursue the current quest, that of democratizing mobile applications and content management into the modular framework called Appture.

Great Reviews
From Great Customers.

Chris McCorkindale
Chris McCorkindale
Appture knows their business and will go the extra mile for their customers. They do high quality work and provide great ongoing support.
L.Rashaan Rich
L.Rashaan Rich
It’s so rare in these times to find one man with so much wow factor and more rare to find men with similar interest and passion in their life journey as myself . Dan Elliott has been introduced to many in what is now considered as the Terror Dome , a place where many dreams are not deferred they are detoured to routes that lead to dead ends , he comes in full of optimism so infectious that he, maybe with out knowing is energizing those who have ventured where others would fear going with just the right jolt to forge on in the way of helping fallen humanity … His various fields of expertise has helped many in my region and I can only imagine the number he has effected beyond those I know … from day one I knew “ this was a man of kindred spirit “ Dan Elliott is a Gem and adds glimmer to things he touches … I’m a Witness ….and eternally grateful….
Justin Frank
Justin Frank
Dan and his group are highly capable and knowledgeable. They work fast and get the job done. I highly recommend Appture.
Ismail Yenigul
Ismail Yenigul
They are highly specialized in their work and constantly seek innovation.
Sabbir Hasan
Sabbir Hasan
Dan is a marketing wizard. Honest, Experienced and a read deal. I am blessed to have him in my journey online :) Highly recommended.
Appture Software
Appture Software
Incredible talent so much experience and always innovative
Hack mack
Hack mack
So much to say. Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Limitless, Affordable. It's amazing what these guys can do.
HawkDFW Security
HawkDFW Security
We found Appture from their website, and immediately started work on a website, custom SMS marketing and social media. We got leads the FIRST DAY! And it keeps getting better and better.
Rebecca Honea
Rebecca Honea
We'd used some other agencies before, but man, they simply knocked us all over. After being in business for 30 years, I wonder how much more business we'd be doing if we'd hired them earlier.

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