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What Makes Apptify So Different?

Apptify is custom developed product line of app tools, promotions, reporting and security that delivers Android and Apple mobile applications for private industry, education, transportation and government.

Content Editor

Unlike every other app platform on earth, Apptify means you can edit your app any time you choose. Add pages, update images, videos, products, links, forms, you're in control. Each update is instantly changed in every user's app. Without having to resubmit for approval from Apple or Android. All in a code free dashboard with complete security and backups.

Fully Integrated Web Platform

We've built Apptify to link to your current websites, and social networks, automatically. Post on one, and it appears instantly across your app network. Push notification of updates is included and includes ``audio logos`` to uniquely notify the app user of your new messaging.

Full Text Support and Training

It's simple to use and we can prove it. Every app sold includes a full online learning management platform, with live tech support and built in chat assistance. Plus, once configured, we'll train your team to operate like a pro, build it once, and use it without fear. We guarantee it.



We’re In Dallas Texas AND PROUD OF IT. 
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Multi-Tenant Apps For Education, HealthCare,
Franchise Partners or Law Enforcement

Save time, budgets and man-power by using our platform to consolidate and simplify the technologies required in large scale applications. Pull multiple platforms and social networks into a single management platform that everyone can use and understand.

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Beautiful Design

It's no secret that everything is going mobile. More and more the preferred platform On Mobile IS Mobile. Truly native applications for Android and Apple rule the user preference.

Multi-Department Applications

If getting on to the phone is the holy grail, getting multiple apps for multiple department's on to a user's phone takes an act of Congress. We're the solution, one app, multiple departments, from a single dashboard.

Custom Everything

No two people are alike, why accept cookie cutter designs and half-way effort? Our platform is almost unlimited. Add modules, link websites, forms, social media and video. Control is easy and code free.

Instant Updates Across the Network

Intelligently built, incredibly easy to use. Update of the app at any time. Add pages, update images, or promotions. You’re in control.

Social Media Integration

Social media is built in, so your followers can use your app to read, comment, share and forward from the app to all their own followers.

Unlimited Downloads

Go ahead, promote your app. There’s no limit to the number of downloads and no extra charge for them on any platform. Our apps are compatible with thousands of devices, phones and tablets.

Geo-Targeted Messaging

Deliver geo targeting with optimized content for communication on social media, QR codes, social sharing and referrals. Track it all and edit for maximum effectiveness.

In App Video Gallery

Your app Video Gallery features a clean, elegant interface, designed to let your videos do the talking. Integrate with Youtube, Vimeo or html5 to create a multi-channel video network.

Incredible Value, Incredible Price.

The other guys hate us. We deliver cutting edge designs and stable technology at prices that make customers happy and competitors angry.

All MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS are not created equal

Paying too much for too little, is nothing to be proud of.

The Real Story Behind The Product

It’s nice that you’re interested in the product, we’ve been working on it for several years now, and have a massive sense of pride in the accomplishment.
Read on, it’s like a scene out of Rocky where we run the steps and jump up and down in victory.

Our Mobile Platform, And Why It’s Nothing Like Anything Else.

In the beginning it was enough to have an app. It was, essentially shiny new toy syndrome: you had an app, you were cool, your company was hip, and you were part of the new wave.

(Remember this phase from the early days of the web as well.)

But today, many app developers are expecting to overcharge and under deliver, since most customers don’t know the differences. At Apptify we say more power, less cost, no code and no compromises. We’ve recognized this as a real problem, and have developed and are proud to offer a true end-to-end app design, development and publishing platform for both IOS and Android. It needs no code, but is totally without compromise. No compromise of design, ease of use, flexibility of configuration, app modules, reporting, social media marketing , mobile commerce, push notification and of course, security.

WHEW! I need a break….

High Tech, High Touch, High Quality

We’ve reviewed dozens of wannabe app frameworks, and without hurting anyone’s feelings…. really? Are there no mirrors to show you how ugly that code and the product it produces really is?

That’s just not acceptable, we’ve been working either as part of Appture Software or as previous businesses for almost 35 years. In those years, we’ve won awards, made huge projects come to life, saved some lives in our public safety products and even put some guys behind bars. Those lessons and the team members skills inventory became the fuel for innovation, both in the quality and the function and the scalability of the platform.

Our API master controller means we can integrate to just about anything, regardless of technology, platform or language. All right off the shelf, no duct tape required.

Start small, no problem. Grow as you go, yep, I’m there for ya. Enterprise grade, Aye Captain. We’re ready, if you are. Let’s do this. And thanks for the read.


One Easy To Use Dashboard
To Manage It All

Whether one shop, a shopping mall, or a trade association, you have total control over all elements of the platform. Manage sales, promotions, incentives and discounts. Push updates and alerts with unique branding for any category or sponsor of your choosing. Integrated mobile commerce makes it possible to offer online sales, subscriptions, memberships or licenses. Fully supported by secured PCI compliant encrypted content at the server and the handset for user confidence.


Smartly Created, Beautifully Designed, Perfect For Business.

Our patented software platform makes your mobile application flexible, promotable, beautiful and powerful. All within an easy to use, code free, compromise free dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s just a few of the questions we’ve received and the answers to them. Got more to ask? Call us, 855-Get-BIZZ.

General Questions

Will my app be in the Android and Apple stores?

YES! Your app will be available for download from both the Apple and Android app stores. We’ll also provide links you can promote on social media and in your website to drive downloads.

Do you include ads within the app as a way of promotion?

NEVER without your permission. You can however include promotional pages for sponsors or for partners of your company or school. Those are then managed by location and by the dates they appear. Making it possible to have seasonal partners or promotions each year.

I want to have access for all my department heads, but they should only have access to limited areas. Is that possible?

YES! We’ve built our user control panel to permit highly granular access to function and to edits within the app platform. We train you on how to set that up, or we can do it for you.

Can my team test the app before it’s released?

YES! In your app dashboard, there is an invitation feature to permit users to register and download the tester app before release. Each revision can then be pushed to that group before the app stores have it for release.

App Promotions

Can you help us promote our app?

YES! We’re experts at it, and you have us on your team. We can use our lists or yours and release details of the app though our emPACT Emarketing Platform. From there, we can send SMS, Push and Email. We’ll even make a toll-free number that your users can send texts to to receive an instant link to the download for their devices.

Is there a limit or quota on the number of app downloads?

NEVER. You can promote your app any way you wish, all the downloads you want, and all of them are free. We’re here to help you, so ask and you can get the pro assistance you need from our team.

Technical Support

Is there support if we need it?

YES! We have live online chat in your dashboard 24 hours per day. Additionally, there are how-to-videos that we provide on each module in the app and app dashboard.

If we want to add new features, do we have start over?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. The Apptify dashboard and module management framework permit you to add features and expand your current application at any time. Best of all, when the app is updated, it offers the update to the user automatically. They can even select auto updates and never worry about being left behind as your app users increase.

How secure is the data? Do I need to worry about hacking?

NO! We’re obsessive about a lot of things, and cyber security is at the top of our obsessions. Apps are far more secure than html, but even more secure when the end-point encryption is active. We dont’ share our use details with anybody for any reason, and you never need to worry about intrusion, malware, ransomware or “man in the middle” attacks.

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